Our viewers and customers

We offer our viewers and customers entertainment, which is particularly important to Poles. Polish people spend over four hours per day in front of the TV set, and television is a source of entertainment, information and leisure for them. Recent years have seen a significant rise in viewers’ – and therefore our customers’ – awareness. They know their rights and are familiar with the TV products and offers available on the market. The constantly growing number of TV channels is also affecting the market, making it more fragmented and highly competitive.

Considering these conditions, we make every effort to ensure a high quality of our products and services, including customer service. With this in mind, we readily embrace latest technologies, constantly improve our channel list, and take care to maintain good relations with our subscribers and high viewer satisfaction, which translates into a higher audience share. For a number of years now POLSAT, our flagship channel, has been among the most popular TV channels in the 16–49 age group. The Cyfrowy Polsat and Telewizja Polsat brands are recognisable, popular, and appreciated by Polish consumers. According to GFK Polonia, we can boast the highest (87%) spontaneous brand awareness among digital satellite TV operators in Poland (percentage of the target group that can name the brand without any prompt from the surveyor, according to GFK Polonia’s image survey, October 2013).

We believe that our brands are associated with high-quality services offered at attractive prices, addressed to entire families.

Professional customer service is ensured and supported by the following tools:

  • An advanced CRM system
    A customer relationship management (CRM) system developed by our experts, based on an integrated platform supporting telephone, fax, email, SMS/TTS combined with IVR (interactive voice response) and CTI (platform for integrating telephone functionalities with CRM), as well as standard post. The CRM provides for comprehensive execution and documentation of all submitted requests via a voice recording system, digital archives and an integrated communications system for subscribers (which comprises our website, the Internet Customer Service Centre, text messages displayed on the TV screen and an interactive voice response system). We have also implemented a modern system for customer retention and payment monitoring.
  • Call Centre
    The Call Centre consists of 600 telephone stations and about 330 back-office stations for the processing of written requests. The Call Centre operates on a 24/7 basis. Individual customer service units and teams have been designed to assist our subscribers, providing them with comprehensive and professional service.
  • Internet Customer Service Centre (ICSC)
    The Internet Customer Service Centre (ICSC) is an advanced IT solution which uses the Internet to ensure secure and free access to our resources and on-line technical support. Information available for viewing to each ICSC user includes details of purchased packages, details of the equipment (serial numbers, operation manuals), data for video materials and packages purchased from the IPLA online TV and VOD Home Video Rental platform, e.g. the number of borrowed films and time left to watch them. Our customers may also use it to quickly check their remaining data transfer or phone credits, and whether they stay within their monthly limits. They can also modify their contact details, print out money transfer forms or payment orders, check technical specifications of their devices, print out relevant manuals, restore satellite connection, reset factory PIN settings of their set-top boxes, and contact us via a contact form.

    Cyfrowy Polsat’s Internet Customer Service Centre:

For more information on customer service tools, see the ‘Sales and marketing’ section of this report.