Bundled services offering

In February 2014, we launched the SmartDOM scheme – an joint bundled offering by Cyfrowy Polsat and the Plus network. It is a unique proposal addressing our customers’ needs, which offers a variety of benefits with a combination of leading-edge services from Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat, lower bills and considerable discounts. By renewing either of the two services, adding the other service, or purchasing two or more services from Cyfrowy Polsat or Plus, customers receive a discount of PLN 10 for each subsequent product added or renewed per month – which adds up to a total of PLN 240 over the term of the contract (24-month contract). The services can be added to products from Plus (telephone or LTE Internet) or Cyfrowy Polsat (satellite TV or LTE Internet). They can also be freely combined – TV and telephone, telephone and Internet, Internet and TV, or all three together. Three services from the same product category can also be bundled (a maximum of three from each category). Banking services (Plus Bank) and electricity have recently been added to the scheme.

We see bundled services as a tool to expand our subscriber base and thus increase our revenue streams, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.