Our channels

The Polsat Group’s offering is designed for the entire family, covering channels from all significant market segments. 24 channels are broadcast under the ‘Polsat’ brand, including five at HD standard.


POLSAT, our flagship channel, ranks second in terms of its share of the commercial audience, aged 16-49 (13.5% for full 2013). The channel broadcasts daily, 24/7. Apart from terrestrial signal, POLSAT is also available in SD and HD formats from most cable networks and satellite platforms. The channel offers an extensive range of feature films, TV series, both Polish and foreign, as well as talent shows produced under licensing agreements. Sports are also vital for the channel’s programming mix.

Group’s thematic channels

  Channel Target group Channel’s target audience share in 2013 Content Additional information
polsatsport Polsat Sport men,
aged 16-59
1.11% The first sports channel in the Group’s channel mix. It offers sports events coverage and thematic programmes.
Key sport disciplines for the channel: (i) volleyball (World Championship, World League, World Grand Prix, Plus Liga, Orlen Liga), (ii) athletics (e.g. Diamond League), (iii) football, (iv) handball, (v) boxing (vi) KSW Federation and other MMA events, (vii) Formula 1.
Most popular sports channel in 2013 in the commercial and target audience groups. Available in SD and HD formats.
pse_logo_1 Polsat Sport
aged 16-44
0.3% Covers interesting sports events, including top tennis tournaments (e.g. Wimbledon) and the Champions League in handball. Broadcasting since 2009, available in SD and HD.
psn_logo Polsat Sport News men,
aged 16-44
0.51% FTA channel broadcast at DTT standard. Includes sports news, coverage of sports events and commentary shows. The third most popular sports channel among men aged 16-44 in 2013, also in the commercial audience group. Broadcasting since May 2011, viewership data available from November 2012.
film_logo Polsat Film cable and satellite TV viewers aged 16-49 0.66% Extensive range of films Global blockbusters and independent productions. Offering based largely on productions from Sony Pictures Television International and 20th Century Fox TV. Available in SD and HD formats.
cafe_logo Polsat Café women,
aged 16-44
0.5% Lifestyle programmes – fashion, beauty and lifestyle, cuisine. The offering features its own productions and foreign editions of various formats.
play_logo Polsat Play men,
aged 16-44
0.75% Male hobbies, such as fishing, cars, documentary and DIY series, lifestyle, trendy gadgets.
pl2_logo Polsat 2 all
aged 16-49
1.82% Re-runs of programmes first run on other Polsat Group channels Tenth most popular channel in Poland in 2013. Also available in other countries (e.g. the US) over satellite.
news_logo Polsat News all
aged 16-49
0.81% 24-hour news channel, mostly live coverage of events in Poland and worldwide. Available in SD, since February 2013 also in HD.
biznes_logo Polsat Biznes top management 0.11% Latest news and commentaries on significant market events. Purchased by Polsat Group in February 2007. Until February 2013, broadcast as TV Biznes.
jim_logo Polsat JimJam children
aged 4-6
4.32% Children’s entertainment shows. Broadcast under joint venture agreement between Polsat Group and ChelloZone.
crime_logo Polsat Crime &Investigation Network cable and satellite TV viewers aged 16–49 0.18% Factual story crime programmes. Documentaries showing police, detectives and forensic labs at work. Joint project of Polsat Group and A+E Networks UK. Broadcasting since late November 2011.
food_logo Polsat Food women,
aged 16-49
0.11% Culinary channel Based on programmes offered by the Food Network. Joint project of Polsat Group and Scripps Networks Interactive. Broadcasting since November 22nd 2012.
explore_logo Polsat Viasat Explore men,
aged 16-49
0.06% Men’s interest channel featuring extreme competitions, sports, exploration adventure shows. Joint project of Polsat Group and Viasat Broadcasting.
nature_logo Polsat Viasat Nature all
aged 16-49
0.02% Nature family content, covering both wildlife and domestic animals. Joint project of Polsat Group and Viasat Broadcasting.
history_logo Polsat Viasat History all
aged 16-49
0.16% Varied programmes covering different historical periods. Joint project of Polsat Group and Viasat Broadcasting.
tv4_logo TV4 all
aged 16-49
2.92% Films, TV series, quality entertainment. In Polsat Group portfolio since August 30th 2013. Eighth most popular channel in 2013.
tv6_logo TV6 all
aged 16-49
0.68% TV series, including animated films, soap operas, reality shows, game shows. In Polsat Group portfolio since August 30th 2013.
romans_logo Polsat Romans women,
aged 16-49
0.08% Women’s channel, broadcasting feature films and series, both Polish and foreign. Broadcasting since September 1st 2013.


Audience shares held by Polsat Group channels in 2011-2013:


Audience share (SHR%)
Channel 2011 2012 2013
POLSAT 16.45 15.71 13.51
Polsat 2 1.45 1.49 1.82
Polsat News 0.66 0.74 0.81
Polsat Sport 0.65 0.67 0.79
Polsat Film 0.39 0.42 0.53
Polsat Play 0.33 0.39 0.57
Polsat JimJam [JimJam] 0.30 0.38 0.33
Polsat Café 0.33 0.36 0.39
Polsat Sport Extra 0.17 0.17 0.21
Polsat Crime & Investigation Network1 - 0.12 0.11
Polsat Sport News2 - 0.28 0.33
Polsat Biznes3 0.02 0.02 0.06
Polsat Food - - 0.08
Polsat Viasat Explore4 0.01 0.01 0.06
Polsat Viasat History4 0.02 0.02 0.16
Polsat Viasat Nature4 - - 0.02
TV45 2.77 2.74 2.92
TV66 0.07 0.23 0.68
Polsat Romans7 - - 0.08

Source: NAM, target group: all aged 16–49, all day.
1 Audience measurement since January 2012.
2 Audience measurement since November 2012 (data for the period).
3 Until February 2013, broadcast as TV Biznes.
4 In Polsat Group portfolio since March 2013.
5 In Polsat Group portfolio since August 30th 2013.
6 Audience measurement since June 2011 (data for the period).
7 Audience measurement since September 2013 (data for the period).