Pay TV offering

Our programming strategy is to offer a wide range of channels that appeal to the whole family. To increase subscriber loyalty and prevent migration to other operators, we make sure to provide a high quality of service and packages priced at competitive rates. We currently provide access to over 140 Polish language channels, 20 of which are available on satellite TV only from Cyfrowy Polsat. Our offering covers general interest, sports, films, news, education, entertainment, and children’s channels. Premium sports channels from our offering include Polsat Sport, Eurosport, Polsat Sport News and Polsat Sport Extra, which rank first, second, third and fifth (together with TVP Sport), respectively, in the 2013 ranking of favourite sports channels in Poland for the commercial group aged 16–49 (Nielsen Audience Measurement). We currently provide access to over 40 HD channels. In addition, we offer Multiroom HD, catch-up TV, VOD and PPV services.

Cyfrowy Polsat’s current offering for new customers includes three introductory packages: Rodzinny HD, Familijny HD and Familijny Max HD, as well as optional packages: Film HD, Sport HD, HBO HD with HBO GO, Cinemax HD, and Rozrywka HD. Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers can also sign up for a Premium promotional offering, comprising all TV channels. We also provide VOD rental as well as online HBO GO and IPLA services.

The Familijny Max HD package, launched in late November 2012 and growing in popularity amongst subscribers, offers the best value for money. The Mini HD and the widely popular Rodzinny HD packages are targeted at the low end of the market.

We sell or lease set-top boxes to our subscribers for pay TV packages. The equipment’s price and availability depend on the selected subscription agreement type.

Mini HD package

Mini HD is an introductory package, currently providing access to 38 Polish language channels (including 6 at HD standard). The monthly fee charged for the Mini HD package is currently PLN 14.90 (not in thousands) for fixed-term subscribers.

Rodzinny HD package

Rodzinny HD is an introductory package, whose subscribers currently have access to 52 Polish language channels (including 7 at HD standard). The monthly fee charged for Rodzinny HD from fixed-term subscribers is PLN 19.90.

Familijny HD package

Familijny HD is an introductory package, whose subscribers currently have access to 76 Polish language channels (including 12 at HD standard). The monthly fee charged for Familijny HD from fixed-term subscribers is PLN 39.90.

Familijny Max HD package

Familijny Max HD is an extended family package, offering access to 99 channels (including 20 at HD standard). The package offers the best value for money. The monthly fee charged for Familijny MAX HD from fixed-term subscribers is PLN 49.90.

The following additional packages are offered only in combination with Familijny Max HD:

Additional packages Number of channels Price*
Film HD 19 20 PLN
Sport HD 10** 20 PLN
Cinemax HD 2 15 PLN
Rozrywka 4 25 PLN

*The prices are not in thousands.
**The figures also include promotional channels.

Premium offering

We also have something for more demanding subscribers – our Premium package includes all encrypted channels (except for Rozrywka) and selected online services. Premium subscribers are offered a free six-month subscription of optional services, such as the VOD Monthly Movie Catalogue. Our Premium offering comes with added benefits – the monthly subscription fee is lower than what you would pay for each included package separately. The monthly fee charged to fixed-term subscribers for the Premium package is PLN 89.90.


By adding the dimension of flexibility to our offering, we enable customers to test our programming options before they commit themselves fully. Subscribers choosing any programming package receive a gift – a free higher or optional-extra subscription for up to six months (for example Familijny Max HD subscribers may receive extra Sport HD and Film HD packages). This flexibility also means subscribers can better manage their TV subscription costs.

Multiroom HD

Another service we provide to our subscribers is Multiroom HD, which means you can watch the same channel package on up to four set-top boxes, and hence on up to four different TV sets at a time. Multiroom HD is offered to subscribers of the Familijny HD package and upwards, at promotional prices from PLN 5 to PLN 15 per month for the first additional set-top box and PLN 5 per month for each subsequent one (depending on the contracted package). The service is compatible only with set-top boxes from our factory.

Free-to-air channels

Next to pay TV packages, our set-top boxes offer access to over 500 unencrypted TV channels and radio stations available in Poland via the Hot Bird satellite. These include a dozen or so Polish language channels and popular foreign channels, such as TVP Kultura, CNBC, Bloomberg, ZDF, Rai News 24, and nine leading radio stations.

VOD Home Video Rental

Our subscribers may also take advantage of the VOD Home Video Rental service (Video On Demand) on their TV sets. One of our transponders is dedicated entirely to the provision of the VOD service. The service does not need any specialised technology, such as a set-top box with a hard drive or recording functionality. However, it is only available to subscribers with a HD set-top box.

The VOD Home Video Rental is available on channels 150-168 and also 200 and 201, where adult programming is broadcast. About 50 films and 200 adult movies are available, rotated monthly. Our subscribers have about 30 films a day to choose from, including 13 adult movies, with new titles added every week. Movie rental fees (inclusive of VAT) are PLN 11.90 for a ‘New’ film, PLN 8.90 for a ‘Hit’ film, PLN 5.90 for a ‘Catalogue’ film, and PLN 9.90 or PLN 11.90 for an ‘Adult’ film. The chosen film is typically available for 24 hours. Regular price promotions are an added strength of the service. Furthermore, upon signing the agreement, Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers are offered monthly access to ‘Catalogue’ category films from the ‘VOD Monthly Movie Catalogue’ service for PLN 20.

PPV services

In 2011, we launched the PPV service where subscribers can watch live sports events for a one-off payment. Our first live PPV event was a professional boxing night in Wrocław held on September 10th 2011, where Tomasz Adamek challenged Vitali Klitschko for the WBC World Champion title. In 2013, we broadcast a few major sports events on the PPV basis, including the ‘Polsat Boxing Night’ with Przemysław Saleta and Andrzej Gołota as the main fight contenders, as well as a few KSW (Polish mixed martial arts federation) nights.

Online services

Our Online Services section provides subscribers with access, on preferential terms, to our online TV content (IPLA), and services such as HBO GO and FilmBox Live. Both packages and single broadcasts are offered as part of the IPLA service. Our subscribers can also take advantage of the IPLA MIX package with its price included in the subscription fee, for up to six months or for the entire term of the contract, depending on the package. We also offer access to HBO GO for our Premium subscribers. In November 2013, the IPLA application was launched for Cyfrowy Polsat set-top boxes with Internet connectivity, providing access to the paid-access portion of the service.

Catch-up TV

Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers who are IPLA TV viewers can also use the catch-up TV service to watch selected shows after their original broadcast by television channels in the subscriber’s package. The shows can be replayed on

Pay DVB-T Mobile TV

In June 2012, we expanded our service portfolio to include an innovative new product – Mobile TV at DVB-T standard. As part of our Mobile TV service provided through the paid terrestrial multiplex, we offer the Ekstra package of eight TV channels and 12 radio stations. It includes channels from four genres, including sports (Polsat Sport and Polsat Sport Extra), films (Polsat Film, Kino Polska, TVP Seriale, Comedy Central), news (Polsat News), and children’s programmes (Nickelodeon), as well as radio stations, including Radio Zet, Antyradio, Radio Plus, RMF FM, RMF MAXXX, Radio TOK FM, Radio ROXY FM, Radio Złote Przeboje, Eska Rock, Radio PiN, Radio Bajka, and Moje Polskie Radio. The Ekstra package is also available to customers having our T-HD 1000 set-top boxes for digital terrestrial television, which we also equip with the IPLA app, as well as to those having T-HD 210 set-top boxes. Since March 2013, DBV-T set-top box customers have also been able to use our pay-per-view service.

The real-time television streaming to mobile devices, as part of the Mobile TV service, comes through an M-T 5000 mobile set-top box giving Wi-Fi access to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The service, available at DVB-T standard, does not require Internet access, meaning no data transfer or related costs.