Internet access

Since 2011, we have provided mobile broadband Internet services using LTE – the most advanced Internet technology in the world. We also offer HSPA+ and MIMO-based Internet access.

When launching our LTE services, we prepared a universal offer for broadband access via all supported technology platforms under a single monthly subscription. The plan combined the advantages of LTE’s high capacity and speed with HSPA+’s wide coverage to maximise benefits for our customers. As a result, 99% of people in Poland are within range of Cyfrowy Polsat’s Internet service, and almost 26 million can use our LTE Internet service.

We offer a variety of data plans with different allowances, tailored to subscribers’ individual needs. Our customers can take advantage of the world’s latest generation broadband Internet access technology for only PLN 14.90 per month. We are continually developing the service. In May 2013, we launched the Multimedia Tariff giving unlimited access to selected Internet content, including popular social media platforms, websites and video content from IPLA online TV. Prospective subscribers considering Cyfrowy Polsat’s LTE Internet with or without equipment are offered the option of a ’7-day free trial’ to test the service at no additional cost, and then return the modem or subscribe. Cyfrowy Polsat does not limit the service’s technical parameters, including transmission speed, which means that subscribers, regardless of their plan, always have access to speeds achievable given current network conditions and equipment used.

Also, after a transfer allowance is reached, full bandwidth is still available – both day and night – either by payment for extra data transferred according to the price list, or by purchasing a one-off data package. Cyfrowy Polsat gives subscribers full control over their transfer limits – the Internet Limit service helps set the maximum additional Internet spending.

We have launched a ‘Multimedialna – SIM only’ promotion for subscribers who already have Internet-ready hardware (e.g. modem, laptop, or tablet with a modem) to have data transfer allowances without the need of extra equipment. We have also prepared the Zero Plan for less frequent mobile Internet users, which carries no monthly payment obligation and no top-up requirement.

Additionally, the SIM Extra service is for Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers who have other electronic devices requiring Internet access. Now there is no need to purchase a separate subscription as they can use the same data plan on another SIM card.

We encourage our satellite TV platform subscribers to purchase LTE broadband Internet access by offering them a choice of extra monthly data allowances of up to 3 GB, or subscription discounts of PLN 10.