Digital TV offering sales network

We offer our services through a countrywide sales network, and distribute our products and services using two main sales channels:

  • retail
  • direct (door-to-door).

As at December 31st 2013, our sales network comprised 728 retail points of sale and 14 D2D sales offices. In addition, in April 2012 we launched cross-sell services with the operator of the Plus network. Through this, at the end of 2013 our standard product offerings were also available at Polkomtel Sp. z o.o.’s 774 points of sale.

Sales of Internet access services

As at December 31st 2013, customers could purchase broadband Internet services at 715 authorised points of sale within the range of the HSPA and LTE networks, or by contacting a direct sales representative at one of the 14 regional offices.

Sales of mobile phone services

Customers can purchase mobile phone services at almost all of our authorised points of sale. In the light of our cooperation with Polkomtel (a leading mobile telecommunications operator) commenced in April in 2012, we discontinued active sales of our MVNO services in favour of cross-selling the stronger Plus offering. As at December 31st 2013, the Plus network mobile phone services were available at 672 points of sale in our network.

Call Centre

Our Call Centre has over 600 telephone operator stations and ca. 330 back-office stations for the processing of written requests (including those sent in by fax or email). Our Call Centre is available 24/7 to potential subscribers and provides comprehensive and professional customer support. Call Centre operators inform customers about our services, facilitate the signing of subscription agreements, receive customer complaints, provide information on payments and other customer support services. We also operate the Internet Customer Service Centre for customers wanting online access to their accounts and information such as service status, payment status, subscribed packages, payment dates, and much more.


Our website ( serves as an important interface for the growing number of subscribers and prospects. Visitors can learn about Cyfrowy Polsat’s programme, multimedia, and telecommunications offerings, order reception equipment and programme packages, or locate the nearest point of sale.

Our website features a TV schedule for over 420 channels, updated daily. The website also has an editorial section with our recommendations, and offers a TV schedule sorted according to user criteria.

The website also details our current VOD offering and access options. The ‘Online services’ section has offerings from HBO GO, FilmBox Live and IPLA online TV with a huge body of video content, including TV programme re-runs, films from major studios, content from over 30 channels, selected live channels and coverage of major sports events. Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers can take advantage of promotional prices for IPLA packages.

In early 2014, we also launched a new, improved version of the Internet Customer Service Centre (ICSC). It is an advanced tool giving customers secure and free access to back-office resources and online technical assistance.

ICSC allows subscribers to:

  • purchase and modify packages
  • check the balance and history of payments
  • monitor credits available under active packages
  • make payments (also prepayments for any number of months)
  • modify contact details
  • print money transfer forms or bank payment orders
  • check technical specifications of their equipment
  • print relevant manuals
  • restore satellite connection
  • restore factory PIN settings of their set-top boxes
  • contact the operator using a query form.

Central warehouse

To support our distribution channels, we have our own central warehouse and logistics system. The central warehouse has a total area of ca. 9,500 m² and stores set-top boxes, modems, accessories, parts and other materials necessary to ensure efficient logistics and sales operations, including packaging and promotional materials. Our logistics system and warehouse allow us to prepare 15,000 pre-activated set-top boxes for dispatch per day, and store up to 700,000 units. We believe the size of our central warehouse is sufficient to meet our expected warehousing requirements.