Customer relationship management and retention

Customer relationship management

We are constantly improving the quality of our customer service using the latest technology. Our strong points include highly committed and experienced management staff, and considerable operational flexibility, supported by fast decision making.

We use an advanced customer relationship management system (CRM) developed by our experts based on an integrated platform supporting communication with customers by telephone, fax, email, SMS, TTS, and traditional mail. Our customer relationship management system enables us to handle all customer requests in a comprehensive, timely and efficient manner.

At our Call Centre, some employees are dedicated to customer requests concerning our mobile phone and broadband Internet services. Those employees are supported by tailor-made technology tools to ensure top-level subscriber satisfaction.

Customer retention

Customer retention is a vital aspect of our operations. In 2009, we introduced a new customer retention framework in order to reduce churn rates, retain subscribers and increase revenue. Our customer retention programmes are being continuously developed and adjusted to offer our subscribers exactly what they need. Within our corporate structure, we have set up and allocated considerable resources to a separate department dedicated to customer retention. Our customer retention programmes can be either reactive or proactive.

The bundled services offering is also useful in our customer retention efforts. At any time, customers may expand their package of services by adding mobile phone or Internet services to their pay TV package. Subscribers may also upgrade their TV plans or purchase extra packages of telecommunications services.

Our retention programmes and bundled services help us reduce churn rates, as an increasing portion of our customer base opt for fixed-term contract renewal.