Distribution and coverage

Channel Broadcasting
Category Signal
Availability Broadcast
POLSAT December 5th 1992 general interest terrestrial/cable/satellite FTA 98.8%
Polsat Sport August 11th 2000 sports cable/satellite non-FTA 49.4%
Polsat Sport Extra October 15th 2005 sports cable/satellite non-FTA 34.0%
Polsat Film October 2nd 2009 film cable/satellite non-FTA 48,1%
Polsat Café October 6th 2008 lifestyle cable/satellite non-FTA 53.3%
Polsat Play October 6th 2008 lifestyle cable/satellite non-FTA 43.1%
Polsat 2 March 1st 1997 general interest cable/satellite non-FTA 63.0%
Polsat News June 7th 2008 news cable/satellite non-FTA 54.4%
Polsat Biznes2 February 8th 2007 business cable/satellite non-FTA 54.5%
Polsat JimJam August 2nd 2010 children’s cable/satellite non-FTA 39.7%
Polsat Sport News June 1st 2011 sports terrestrial/cable/satellite FTA 78.0%
Polsat Crime & Investigation November 24th 2011 crime cable/satellite non-FTA 35.3%
Polsat Food3 November 22nd 2012 lifestyle satellite non-FTA 20.8%
Polsat Viasat Explore4 March 1st 2013 lifestyle satellite non-FTA 22.2%
Polsat Viasat Nature4 March 1st 2013 nature satellite non-FTA 19.2%
Polsat Viasat History4 March 1st 2013 history satellite non-FTA 31.5%
TV45 April 1st 2000 general interest terrestrial/cable/satellite FTA 97.0%
TV65 May 30th 2011 entertainment terrestrial/cable/satellite FTA 81.6%
Polsat Romans6 September 1st 2013 women’s cable/satellite non-FTA 24.7%

1 NAM, share of TV households which are able to receive a given channel; arithmetic mean of monthly coverages in 2013.
2 Until February 2013, broadcast as TV Biznes.
3 In Polsat Group portfolio since November 2012.
4 In Polsat Group portfolio since March 2013.
5In Polsat Group portfolio since August 30th 2013.
6 In Polsat Group portfolio since September 2013, broadcast coverage data for the broadcasting period.