Trading partners

To successfully implement our strategy, we need to establish and maintain positive and lasting relations with all of our trading partners. We work with a number of reliable partners with whom we have developed lasting relations. Mutual trust is one of our principal values, which is why we base our cooperation on open dialogue and exchange of opinions and experiences. We are open to feedback from the market, unbiased and valuable comments on our products and services, and inspiring ideas that have the potential to improve cooperation with our partners in a given area. We share our history of positive experiences from previous projects with many of our partners. We strongly believe that trust-based relations with them are a building block of the competitive advantage enjoyed by the Group. Our aim is to treat our suppliers and trading partners fairly. We select new partners in a tender procedure based on objective criteria, such as quality, reliability, integrity, execution time, references from other customers, and the price. Good relations between the company and its suppliers reduce transaction costs, as a loyal, regular supplier is predictable in terms of product quality, timeliness, flexibility, and pricing.