Natural environment

Sustainable office

We organise numerous environmental sustainability actions, aimed at both awareness raising among employees and mitigation of the adverse impact of office work on the environment. Sustainable office means putting into practice ten sustainability principles, agreed with the employees. We organise waste paper and waste electrical and electronic equipment collection, as well as waste pre-sorting. In an effort to contribute to lower carbon dioxide emissions, we seek to ensure on optimum loading of the delivery vehicles carrying the set-top-boxes manufactured by our plant. We also use sustainable packaging for our equipment. Sustainable attitudes are promoted through publications in our internal newsletter. We encourage our employees to print only the required documents, reasonably use air conditioning, commute by bike in spring and summer, as well as organise environmental sustainability competitions.


Our care for environmental protection is also manifest in our other initiatives, notably those focused on recovery and recycling of waste to obtain products, materials, or substances. To that end, for a few years we have been an active participant of the ‘Cap’ action organised by the Żoliborz Association HOME FAMILY PERSON. By collecting bottle caps, we make sure they do not end up being landfilled, or, even worse, dumped in the forest. Importantly, bottles without caps are easier to squeeze, which in turns reduces the volume they occupy, thus reducing storage costs.

On the occasion of the Earth Day 2013, we launched a new project entitled ‘Follow the Advice: Waste Collection Pays Twice’. Since the project’s launch, we have collected used electronic equipment, exchanging it for a token PLN 1, and the funds thus raised go to the selected public benefit organisations. The action is accompanied by the sustainable toy photo competition.

Sustainable services

The purpose of the campaign ‘Be Sustainable with Cyfrowy Polsat!’ is to promote using environmentally friendly electronic documents, and encourage subscribers to join the group of sustainability champions and those actively involved in actions for the natural environment.