Our team

Good employer

We are a stable organisation, which nevertheless boasts dynamic growth. Our success stems from the knowledge, skills and commitment of our employees. The employees are our principal asset, therefore our HR policy focuses on creating an attractive workplace for the existing and future staff. Our goal is to create conditions fostering the development of our employees’ potential and their constant advancement. In the 2013 ‘Poland’s Ideal Employers Universum’ survey, we ranked 25th among the 50 ideal IT employers.

We select our future employees very carefully, looking for people who are efficient in action and highly motivated. The knowledge and experience of potential employees are important, but not necessarily decisive. By using advanced recruitment tools, such as the Assessment Center and competency tests, we search for people who have great potential and fit well with our team.

We seek to provide our existing employees with extensive growth and promotion opportunities. Our priority is also internal recruitment. In 2013, we launched the ‘Switch yourself over’ programme. It is designed to offer more opportunities for professional development within the Cyfrowy Polsat Group by notifying employees and associates of active recruitment processes. A tool helping us plan professional development and increase professional competence is the staff evaluation system.

Many managers currently responsible for key aspects of the organisation are people who worked their way up starting from low-level jobs.

Company values

By acting in compliance with our Four Values, we effectively pursue our mission, vision and strategic objectives. The Four Values we have identified as key to our development are as follows:

Competitive advantage

In our day-to-day operations, competitive advantage means constant pursuit of excellence through identification of areas that can be changed and improved.


Priorities require a strong goal-oriented approach and consistency in their implementation.


Teamwork means good information flow, friendly relations in the workplace and mutual support.

Owner’s perspective

We understand the owner’s perspective as responsibility for the Company, commitment and a constant eye for the effects of our work.

Development and training

One of the objectives of Cyfrowy Polsat’s HR policy is the development of individual employees’ potential. We invest in enhancing their competencies, as mastery of new skills by individual employees is the key driver behind the Company’s growth. Depending on the scope of duties, our employees can participate in various professional training courses and industry conferences. They can also be awarded grants to partly finance their university education and specialised multi-stage courses. Moreover, our employees participate in training sessions designed to enhance their personal skills, such as communication or team management. Additionally, we subsidise English courses organised for our staff in the workplace.

Initiatives supporting HR policy management

In 2012, we engaged an external company to conduct a survey of commitment among our employees. The results of an anonymous questionnaire gave us a wide view of our organisation through the eyes of the workforce. This detailed analysis helped us precisely plan for and implement further HR measures designed to increase work satisfaction and commitment.

We have also implemented a management by objectives system and a periodic assessment system, covering all employees of Cyfrowy Polsat. Under these systems, strategic goals of the organisation are cascaded into goals achievable by individual units and departments as well as tasks assigned to all employees. Thanks to such an approach, each staff member knows how to contribute towards the achievement of the goals set in the Company’s strategy. The systems also facilitate an objective evaluation of the employees’ competencies used in their everyday work. The competencies subject to evaluation are those directly related to the Four Values.

Internships and work placements

We help young and inexperienced persons find their way to future careers. We have been running the ‘Summer Intern Scheme’ for several years, targeted at third- or higher-year university students in any domain. Our scheme is open to students who wish to raise their qualifications and gather professional experience during the summer university break. In addition to helping with current tasks, our interns can participate in projects under way.

A six-month-long internship programme called ‘Digital Career’ has been launched for students of the fourth and fifth year and young graduates. Each intern will manage a project for which he or she will be fully responsible.

Tutors have been appointed to help their younger colleagues to fulfil their tasks and gain practical knowledge and professional skills. Many of the interns taking part in the programme have joined our team as employees.

Employee benefits

We provide our staff with numerous social benefits, including non-refundable cash allowances and non-cash benefits, as well as repayable housing loans. Furthermore, our employees receive additional incentives, such as:

  • access to private healthcare through one of the largest Polish networks of private clinics;
  • comprehensive life and health group insurance for employees and their families;
  • co-financing of gym membership;
  • attractively priced Cyfrowy Polsat TV and Internet packages and Plus mobile telephony tariff plans;
  • preferential cash loans from Plus Bank;
  • Konto Plus bank account promotional offering.

Employment by age and gender at the Cyfrowy Polsat Group as at December 31st 2013

<31 [31-40> [40-50> [50-60> =>60
Women 213 304 102 51 10
Men 309 479 205 120 32
Total 522 783 307 171 42

Safe workplace

As an employer, we are obliged, both legally and morally, to guarantee our staff safety, health protection and comfort at the workplace. For this reason, in line with our work safety policy, we seek to mitigate risks and prevent accidents and occupational diseases. We aim to create a friendly and efficient working environment. We want to achieve this by creating a workplace with transparent procedures, fostering mutual respect, tolerance, cooperation and involvement.

Equal opportunities

We treat all of our employees with due respect, regardless of their sex or political and religious beliefs. Each is viewed as an individual deserving fair treatment and equal rights. Our workforce comprises disabled people, as well as people of different race or religion.

Internal communication and cooperation between teams

For internal communications, we mostly rely on the newsletter and intranet, where issues of importance to our employees are discussed. These tools are used to convey information about current events at the company, key personnel changes, new initiatives and competitions with an educational or motivational agenda.

One more communication forum, active for a few years now, is annual strategic meetings of the Management Board with the managerial staff. In addition to presenting exhaustive information on the company’s strategy, its current standing and our competitors’ achievements, the purpose of the meetings is to commit our staff to implementing our strategy by enhancing internal communication between departments and raising the awareness of their role in achieving our common goals.

Team building

Our employees are offered numerous opportunities aimed at promoting an active lifestyle and healthy competition, stimulating their interests and leisure activities, and strengthening their relations with the Company.

We provide our staff with opportunities to practice various sporting activities as this builds character, teaches self-discipline and persistence of goal-directed effort, and helps employees achieve personal fulfilment in non-business areas, thus reinforcing their sense of being part of the organisation. The ‘POLSAT Biega’ team of runners was again active in the past year, participating in a number of running events, including the Warsaw Half Marathon, the 35th Warsaw Marathon, and the 6th Marshal Race, as part of which the 1st Polsat News Championship was organised. Gold medals in both races went to our colleague of the IT Division.

Since 2011, volleyball fans have been able to pursue their favourite discipline during regular training sessions of our volleyball team, which joined the Play Volley amateur volleyball league for businesses in 2012. We finished 7th in the top league in the Winter 2014 season. In 2012, our football team was formed and started training, joining ‘Let’s Go’, the amateur league for businesses. We finished 5th in the second league in the Winter 2014 season.

In all our sporting efforts, we never forget about the youngest. Our corporate event calendar provides for special events for employees’ children, always involving great educational surprises. In 2011, our ‘Digital Kindergarten’ visited the Warsaw zoo on Children’s Day. On Santa Claus Day, we organised a special performance of ‘Aladyn Jr’ at the ROMA Musical Theatre. In the following year, we organised an ‘Extreme Children’s Day’, with numerous extreme sports on its agenda, supervised by professional instructors and featuring special educational actions by the Voluntary Water Rescue Service and the police. In 2013, we opted for cultural immersion for the little ones, inviting them to a special ballet performance – the ‘Swan Lake’.

Various employee competitions are organised all year round which encourage team work and reward the best performers with the right to participate in team-building events.