44. Other disclosures

Security relating to loans and borrowings

Establishment of security for loan facilities

In addition to the establishment of collateral agreements described in note 45 to the consolidated financial statements for the year 2012, the Group entered into a series of agreements establishing collateral under the SFA. Detailed information in respect to the agreements is presented in the Management Report in note 6.10.

Commitments to purchase programming assets

As at 31 December 2013 the Group had outstanding contractual commitments in relation to purchases of programming assets. The table below presents a maturity analysis for such commitments:

31 December 2013 31 December 2012
within one year 190,320 157,273
between 1 to 5 years 80,520 69,541
Total 270,840 226,814

The table below presents commitments to purchase programming assets from related parties not included in the consolidated financial statements:

31 December 2013 31 December 2012
within one year 18,191 15,913
Total 18,191 15,913

Contractual liabilities related to purchases of non-current assets

Total amount of contractual liabilities resulting from agreements on the production and purchasing of technical equipment was PLN 4,864 as at 31 December 2013 (PLN 4,082 as at 31 December 2012). Total amount of capital commitments resulting from agreements on property improvements was PLN 509 as at 31 December 2013 (PLN 5,878 as at 31 December 2012). Additionally the amount of deliveries and services committed to under agreements for the purchases of licences and software as at 31 December 2013 was PLN 26,809 (PLN 405 as at 31 December 2012).